Cleaning your room, closet, wardrobe, cupboards or any other storage facility always leads to unexpected discoveries and findings.However this is applicable only to those individuals who seldom take up the herculean task to clean their treasury(i myself am one amongst these); because the very aspect of dumping things or if i may say keeping things in an uninhibited fashion, serves the need of the hour and after that as they say "out of sight is out of mind".
     Coming to talk of today's blog,the situation is similar.i was cleaning a drawer of mine when i stumbled upon one of my early habits and hobby - collecting keychains.I was elated and mesmerised by the entire display of them which was laid out before my eyes.Each one had a story/memory behind it.And today i would like to share the same.This blog is dedicated to all those who have contributed in any way possible to my collection and thus added up to my joy! Go on,have a look. (For a closer view, click on each one individually)

My first one ever was bought by mum from a  visit to the  shrine of Lord Ganesh at ages almost 16 now and the detailing is very intricate despite the small size.

This one's for the love of dolphins.i was and still am fascinated by them.

The next one was a gift by one of my school mates to mark friendship day.Though we are not much in touch now apart from a few greetings on facebook,yet this little gift always reminds me of the good old school days and the aspect of finding joy in little things.Thank you so much Abhishek Padwal.Another thing about this keychain is, this teddy was a craze due to a music video that time.Although the singer and the song didn't create much waves,the teddy sure did.have a look here.

Village fairs are another great place for souvenirs of different kinds.The rustic feel,the ethnic items, they all leave you spoilt for a choice and what makes it all worth is the simplicity of the ideas and the visual treat of arts.The next two are from one of these village fairs again thanks to mum.

This teddy is one of the old ones,yet still stands 
strong.It used to hold the keys of my bicycle in my growing up years.
A lot of my friends too have been gracious enough and thus helped in my collection.Niki my first college pal,got it from amritsar after her visit to the golden temple.The rang de basanti fever was still on and we all had undertaken roles of the lead characters of the movie in our college group.She was Sukhi(sharman joshi) and i was DJ(aamir khan).thank you sukhi yaara; tim luck luck de tim luck luck! ;) 

When Jaan went to Srilanka, she got me this cute little turtle. Again a beautiful art piece from across the waters.thank you so much janhavi.

Goa!!! Need i say any more? a place for everyone's imagination to turn vivid and joy for every soul.Ironically though my native being at an odd 3-4 hour drive from Goa,i still haven't actually been to Goa.I always pass by it whenever i visit my village.Still thanks to Konkan Raliway; Madgaon Station Platform 1 stalls will offer you a mini visit to the stuff Goa is known for like Cashews, Hats, Spices, conches, shells, clothes, keychains etc.My friend Harit got me a conch one with my initial on it during his tour.I myself bought a doll like thing  during a return journey from my roots.

During a trip to Matheran with  family friends when i was around 12 or so,my friend's mother bought me this beautiful pearl basket.I wanted it the moment i saw it and my mum didn't want to buy  that as she felt it would be lying in a corner and i would lose it due to my careless nature.i remember persuading her so much yet she didn't budge.It was Snigdha aunty who bought it for me and told my mum," I am telling you ,she'll definitely take care of it".I was over joyed that she gifted me with it  and finally it was mine. Mum however was annoyed a bit that things din go her way.And today, for both me and mom the keychain is amongst the only memory we have of her as she passed away two years ago after a tiring battle with cancer.

A little pocket diary.

From Tirupathi and Titvala respectively.

The next one is from Pooja when she went to Pilani.She got me and my pal Saaylee one of these each.

I dont remember the occassion but komal got the camel for me.


For the love of The looney tunes,ZooZoos, and hello kitties.

The following one might actually make me look like an opportunist but nevertheless i would still thank the person coz of whom i have it today.Thank you Gore for letting me have this.He had bought it for his girl although she din accept his proposal and all he was left with was this.He was to throw it anyway when i spotted it and asked for it.Sorry dude but thanks again and ironically its got a dent on it too.

And last but never the least, a keychain that defines me.since childhood i made a signature of mine depicting the face of a girl with two pigtails and a smile and used to sign it on cards i made..Interestingly, the moment my friend saw it, it reminded her too of me and got the same.This is the one that i associate myself with.My very own reflection.Thank you so much Lee.

This was my story. Hope you too stumble upon one of your own collections and dwell in the joy. Happy Findings ;) 


  1. i know u r a starter....keep some guidelines in mind....keep the entire post in one single font...and ur blog article should never be this long.......

    keep up ur good writing work....

  2. Thank you Chitra for visiting.Will definitely keep in mind the stuff you said and try and do better.Thanks again :)

  3. Hey Maddy,I didnt mind the length :P It rejuvenates my taste in creative writing to read such original pieces, specially form somebody I know so up,close and personal. I am waiting for the day when I see your name in about a compilation of all your blogs!!! You honored me...thanks fo preserving my small gift and remembering....YOU ARE A GIFTED PERSON WORTH BEING GIFTED :D

  4. Achpoo! u summed it up all buddy!Highly obliged.I do hope it does happen someday. Nevertheless,your memoir will always be special and remind me of you and the times we have spent and shared P.O.W. Cheers!

  5. Hey Mrudula.. I just happened to know that u too r a blogger n ur blog is really a nice one. Would like to know more abt u through this corner..

    The piece u shared along wid the pics is really a connecting one especially for me bcos just like you, I have the hobby of collecting keychains n I have more than half the keychains that u have described... I dont knw if its a coincidence, but the old transparent teddy, tht music video teddy, the house, the sandal, shell, heart, zoozoo n the last one of a girl with two ponytails are some of my fav keychains too & loved treasures... N btw, ur Srilankan Turtle & the pearl basket r really beautiful pieces amongst the others...Keep adding more to the collection...

    Enjoy Blogging. TC.


  6. brilliant maddy....!!!!
    loved it....!!!

  7. nice to see ur blog mate..i keep finding my paintings and stray crayons everytime i i used to have a collection of erasers :D

  8. yeh blog ka photography bohot sahi hai yaar.... !!! :) luvd it


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