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What would you say if I ask you? Part II

It was a Saturday evening. As I sipped my tea, I texted a random message to my thinkheads. Their wonderful responses resonated with my state of mind then. Eventually, it culminated into a light, weekend read (for those who do read). However, what's the fun in revealing it all at one go? Tea is not tea until you relish every single sip. Post is no fun until you have a series to it.

After roughly 30 days of persistent procrastination, part II of the responses is as follows:
1. Be confident about yourself. One more advice: keep wearing sarees more frequently. 2. No advice re. I am learning about life as well. 3. Sing more. Pratice more. People deserve to hear you out. Put your voice online. 4. Probably focus or try to prioritize work, both at office and home.  5. I want you to find happiness that stays, happiness that is permanent and true. 6. Stay the way you are. Always. 7. Quit when unhappy and look for something else. 8. Plan another trip for me. 9. Glad you asked. I have someth…

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