The days of our lives #2

One of my best friends tied the knot last month. My cousin is set to jump the bandwagon later this year. I wished my cousins last month on their anniversaries. As I open my Facebook account, I have been asked to RSVP for a wedding. The timeline is filled with classmates getting betrothed or hitched.
Then, my mother sees these photos  and gets overtly anxious and worried. We both fear this awkward silence. Because the outbursts are legendary for both of us once the silence breaks. While I plan to dodge the question for a couple of years, mum seems ready with the return gifts (in her head, of course).
Indian weddings are known for their pomp and splendour. Not to mention the larger-than-life portrayal of emotions. Most Indian kids are brought up with a mid-life target: to marry. To add to it, most Indian parents consider this as a serious responsibility on their part, regardless.
We discuss this topic almost every day nowadays. Mum has been extremely resilient and patient, never leaving a single moment to coax me into thinking about it.
However, young (arrogant) blood is no less. The thought rejection rate is higher than that of an autologous graft implant. I try and persuade her to take it easy for sometime until I feel I am ready. I yell, I mock, I smirk, I taunt. Some things are so hereditary I tell you.
Once we know this is a never-ending loop, we go quiet. At least one of us (read me) does. Generation gap is the reason we mutually agree upon.
As I evade looking at her, she comes and hugs me. Sorted. Then, I am helpless when she smiles. We laugh at ourselves and at the madness around us.
When the ceasefire is called, he steps in quietly and asks, "If you guys are done, shall we eat? I am hungry."
And therefore, food wins as always. Everything else can wait. Literally. ;)

P.S. Happy Father's Day in advance, Pappa! :)


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