Days of our lives #3

It's a customary tradition in my home. A ritual more so. Mornings have to start with it. As a kid, I always saw him stir up two glasses: one for mum and one for him, every single morning.

I learnt it from him. Ever since that day, I have enjoyed savouring to such an extent that I ended up owning a collection of mugs.

From keeping me awake at night during exams to helping me form some of the best bonds in life, tea holds a special spot in my life.

That's also the reason perhaps I have a soft place for people who share my love for tea. Coffee date is passé. Share that cutting chai once, and add a touch of Parle-G. Heaven!

I have numerous memories associated with tea, and I love taking pictures of tea glasses too! I should probably write a coffee table book on it. Irony alert.

That's also perhaps one of the reasons why I want to visit Munnar and Darjeeling. Assam pilgrimage is undertaken. Ma loved the local tea leaves I got from there. Need to get her more goodies

With a myriad of flavors, colors, and aroma, it adds the right zing to my mornings, afternoons, and evenings. A trusted companion with not much hullaboo about itself.

Another random fact about me is that I love serving tea too. Dadda is partly responsible for that, and friends are more than willing to be guinea pigs.

I love tea (like you did not guess it all this while).

Cheers (the caffeine kinds).


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