Days of our lives #4

I am wondering what to pen down today. Work drains me out, and I barely am able to stay awake. I promised myself I'd write. Something. Somehow. And if you gotta do, then you gotta do.

That's probably why nothing works unless you do it yourself or more commonly known as DIY. Although this acronym is a gateway to numerous things you can learn on your own, it's more of a personal motivation if you ask me.

Hence, some tasks must just be done individually. No second thoughts there. For example, laundry. Even though you have a machine, you still gotta do it yourself. There would be no (clean) underwear otherwise.

Travel. Must DIY. At least once. I almost did a solo trip last November. More on it later. However, you have to do it yourself too.

DIY has several benefits. I am just listing a few that I can think of:

1. You're your own master. You're your own student.
2. You become more skilled.
3. You learn to try things. Often, the offbeat things.
4. Your experience is novel.
5. You become more independent.
6. You learn to trust yourself.
7. You take pride in what you do.
8. You appreciate freedom and flexibility.
9. You stop being lazy. Well, almost. I guess
10. You start taking yourself more seriously.

So, what's it that got you going today? Ask yourself. Look within. When you find out what you were looking for, go seize the day!

You gotta DIY dude!


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