Days of our lives #5

Do not put off till tomorrow the good you can do today.
This was printed on my school handbook. And I experienced this firsthand today.
I ordered a cake today using an online delivery portal. As the recipient was placed in a different city, I had to solely rely on the stuff online. To add to this, this was part of a surprise I was planning, so I couldn't confirm things with the recipient.
The first cake shop flatly refused. Nahi hota madam (it can't happen). He kept saying this repeatedly. I politely asked him if he could try something. He not-so-politely shot me down. Our entire conversation lasted 40 seconds.
After pulling a lot of strings, I finally managed to place the order online through a different cake shop. I was finally relieved that things were finally sorted. As with all service providers, confirming order is customary. Now is the real fun.
The service provider forgot to add zero before the number.
Around 12:08 pm, my phone beeped with this message:
Dear Customer we had tried to reach you as your order placed with us is on hold. Please call us immediately to confirm.
Around 12:10 pm, the next one.
Dear Customer, We would like to inform that the order that you have placed with us has been cancelled.
Here I was getting butterflies waiting for my recipient's reaction, and then I see this. The fastest unapproved cancellation ever! Luckily, I saw these messages on time and called them up. In a creaky voice she said, "Madam no response. Number not reachable. Order cancelled". I asked her not to cancel it. "But madam wonly 2 o' clock it will reach." I asked her to go ahead and not cancel it.
Turns out, they didn't have the cake I ordered. So, they routed the order to another branch.
Around 1:30 pm, I received another call. The guy said, "Madam, don't you have any message to write?" I said, I have requested it already.
"Them call center guys have just packed the cake and kept." "Message no. Card no". " Is that wokay?"
I asked him whether the cake was ready and could it be delivered. Delivery was more important for me at that point. He was affirmative. I said then let it be. There's no point adding anything now. Just get the cake delivered please. He said "Wokay madam. I'll be there soon."
He delivered it on time, and it reached the intended recipient.
Where one guy flatly refused to even accept my order despite repeated requests, another one was courteous enough to let me know that there was a major goof up.
Thanks to the second guy, I could ask my mutual best friend to add in a card at the last moment and have things under control.
A man is known by the company he keeps. However, a company is known by the service they provide.
I am immensely grateful for the delivery boy and his common sense. His timely intervention helped me make my friend's day better. And he earned my respect. I am aiming to write to the shop owners and drop in a few words of appreciation for his work. Good work must always be lauded. Ditto for good people.
On another note, Happy birthday, Shameer!
P.S. Rithika and Kaushik, I owe you one.
P.P.S Salim, keep up the good work and deliver happiness as usual.


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