What would you say if I ask you? Part I

I wanted to write a post. The blog was miffed at me for being forgetful. Every writer needs a trigger to shoot the article out. Mine got jammed a bit somewhere. At this point, I turned to people I believe the most for some inspiration (and to release the trigger, of course). These are people I look up to when I am at loggerheads with myself or simply unable to focus. To say the least, they're an honest, warm bunch. However, I am not getting into who they are, what are they doing now, and so on. That's not the point in question. They helped me when I needed it (old habits die hard), and that's what matters. 

All they had to do was answer a question:

"If you had to give me a piece of advice, what would that be?"

They complied. All of them. As for me, I'll be working towards what my people said with all that I can. Truly, madly, deeply (I’ll also come up with my own lines and not borrow song lyrics for writing). 
However, we have to tend to my blog first. It's been waiting. So, I am publishing part I of the responses I received that made me introspect, retrospect, and smile. A lot.

1. My advice comes in the form of essays and not one-liners: Pizzas come in pieces, and pizza pieces are not to be shared; however, I am an exception. So, my advice is share your pizza with me.
2. Stay cool and stay classy.
3. Write for a living. And travel. And get married when 30.
4. Work hard.
5. Keep smiling, be strong, go follow your dream.
6. Career: Please do something good about it...
    Behavior: You are too, too sweet. I dont mind it, but the world is a bit cruel than you'd like.
7. It's taking me too much time to think of an advice for you; so, let’s do it this way—no advice for you is my advice for you.

The blog has managed to let out a sly smile though it's hungry for more (like owner, like blog). That's good for a start. At least now, all of us are smiling.

Until next time.


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