He came, He saw, He conquered.

    I went for a walk with mum yesterday to a park close to my house. Chilly January evenings with the wind flowing by, I just was strolling with mum discussing mundane everyday things. We entered the park. It was quiet and only a few people were around. We thought we'll take a round along the park and so we continued walking.

    He was stationed at a good 10-feet distance from us. It seemed as if he was looking for someone with his eyes perched on the road and his back faced me. I thought may be he's waiting for someone. Just then he turned, looked me in the eye, and came running across the path. In no time, he sprung on his feet and placed them on me. I gently caressed his head with my left hand as i had my phone in the other. I thought he would bite me, but all he did was wagged his tail, sprung up again, waited patiently till I caressed him, and then he turned to mum. Before we could feel this affection that mum and me were surrounded by the owner came. I smiled at her while her dog was busy pleasing my mum. She then gently took him away. If we stayed any longer, i am sure we would have been licked all over.

    That made me realize how animals do not discriminate when they shower someone with their love. If they feel it they just go for it. We humans have so many excuses to "not" love someone. He's too dark, she is so arrogant, not-my-type, oh! such a dumb guy, dude; seriously, her? and the list is endless. We are so choosy about even sharing a smile. If somebody smiled, we think only two things:
1. Am i looking funny?
2. what does he/she want from me, why is he/she smiling?
    We do not think may be its just a greeting. A simple warm greeting. And this incident made me feel how everyone whose a living being can express and spread warmth in their own way. All it takes is a gesture. I did not know the dog, it was the first time I ever saw that yellow-skinned Labrador, and the next thing i knew he thought I was one of his own and instantly came to me. No communication trouble, no time constraints, and no compatibility issues. And how long did it last? Barely 30 seconds or so, but it made me happy and I believe it made him happy too. I fell in love again. He was a pure-hearted soul who left his innocence on me.

  Mum and me came back home after finishing the round across the park. Then i realized, i should have taken a picture. But guess some things in life are just so beautifully etched in a moment, you are too busy living them to capture and frame them ;)

Photo credits: Shutterstock.com.88722472

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  1. Wat can i say maddy.... it is so so b''tiful to read ur blogs... u always end up wid a smile on ur face...

  2. OMG madda!!! its soo awesumm ... so true... i always cry after reading ur blogs... luved it !!! (remember dats y we got janu a dog on her bday!! :P)

  3. @ barve and nikku, Thanks a ton guys! means a lot..


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