For better or for worse

“Were you drunk”?
“Were you high on weed”?
“Were you forced to do this”?
“That means you were perfectly in your senses when you did this”!
“I mean, I am sorry...”
“Oh really?! After six years of marriage, you go and sleep with someone in perfect consciousness and how conveniently say a sorry, that too after I question you about it.”
“I can explain, please Rekha listen to me.”
“Look Sanjeev, after what you have done, it doesn’t make any sense to even have a conversation with you. And I admire your guts to expect one from me! I gave up everything I had for you—my job, my home, and my parents. I always wanted to be a mother, I gave up on that too because you weren’t ready. And after all this I do for you, this is what you do to me!”
“It was an accident, Rekha.” “Deeksha and I dated in college and we did not end on a good note because of misunderstandings back then. And when I met her at the reunion, we got talking and cleared up the air. Then, she hit the bar and I was busy catching up with other classmates. After a while, I was just about to leave when she dashed against me, lost her balance and fell right in front of me. She had got tipsy and could barely hold herself. I helped her to her car, dropped her home and one thing led to another there and the next thing I knew she was all over me. I can’t tell you how guilty I feel about it and no amount of apologies would suffice, but please trust me it was an accident. I really love you, believe me.”
“See, I don’t want to hear any of your stories. I cannot take this lightly. I could have probably considered giving you a chance if you were forced to do this or if you were not in your senses to realize what you were doing. I would have still understood if this happened before we were married. However, this incident was far ahead from any such circumstances and I am appalled that your conscience didn’t prick you once that night. You knew what you were doing so that’s not an accident. It is totally unacceptable to me, Sanjeev. From now, every time I’ll look at you, you’ll only remind me of the betrayal, of how you did not respect our relationship and how you failed me. Sorry, please do not expect anything from me. I am leaving you right now and the next word you’ll be having is from my lawyers. Goodbye”!
“No, wait, Rekha, Rekha. Please don’t leave me, Please don’t! Give me a chance, I am sorry, please don’t leave me! Rekha. Rekhaaaaaaaaa”!
She came running from the other end of the room to see him sweating and struggling and yelling her name in sleep.
“Sanjeev, Are you all right? I am right here. Calm down, Sanjeev. Open your eyes. Look at me, I am right here.”
He was drenched in sweat. He looked at her still in shock and hugged her tightly just to make sure it was just a dream.
“I love you, I really love you, please don’t leave me.”
“I love you too. Bad dream, eh? My God, Look at you! It’s okay, it’s alright. It’s just a nightmare. I am still here. Wake up now, I’ll get you some coffee” and she kissed his cheek and comforted him.
“Tell me something Rekha, if I ever accidently cheated on you, would you leave me or consider giving me a chance again knowing that it was just an accident and I have only loved you always”?
“Is this a trick question”? “Is that what you saw in your dream”? “I am leaving you after I catch you cheating, is it?
“You didn’t answer my question.” She stared at him right in the eye. “Yes, that’s what I saw.”
“Well, lucky you, it’s just a dream you saw. I wouldn’t have left you, Sanjeev.”
   He looked at her, smiled, and embraced her. He couldn’t believe what she just said. He adored her even more.
“On the contrary, I would have just killed you right away, without much thought.” And trust me, I am not kidding,” she whispered in his ear as she embraced him and let out a wicked smile.
Sanjeev froze as he heard this and thought to himself, “Thank God for the dream”!


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