Of affection and others

It’s already past midnight
And here I stare at the moonlight
Thinking about how would you be
Far and away from my sight.
It’s been a while I know
Since the last time we spoke to each other
Yet I still fondly remember you
Even if you feel I don’t bother.

I still can’t figure as to what went wrong
That made us both drift apart
And when I hear someone play your song
A smile erupts on face and travels down the heart.

Guess whatever occurred was all destined
I couldn’t be yours and you couldn’t be mine
But it’s not a bad bargain after all
         We still had a share of our own good times.         

Even today wherever you are, I hope you’ll be fine
Spreading cheer with friends over food and wine
And I pray you too acquire love from some soul
Just like the one I am waiting for in search of mine
 Photo credits : Gulen Erendag Legrand
Source: photography.nationalgeographic.com


  1. Wow.. this was different. Most of us would be seething or mourning after a breakup, and not wish the other well. Your poem expresses that good luck, even through the pain.

    1. Hello, Leo. Just because people do harsh things doesn't always imply that they are harsh people. Certain events are unfortunate and the saga varies for each one of us. At the end of the day, it's alright; life never takes anyone seriously anyway :)
      Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the poem!

  2. that's probably the right approach towards life. loved reading this one.

    1. Probably. Happy that you loved it :)


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