The adorable

“Aah! It’s so good to hug short people.” Then, she gave me a tight bear hug. For a while I wondered, was that a compliment? But the hug was so endearing I forgot everything else.
From there till today, both of us have come a long way. A newbie in the city of dreams met a suburban loyalist and they hit off. What followed was learning swimming, movies, endless talks, endless walks and the never ending penchant for ‑ ek cup chai.
There are many special things about her, which the people who know her will vouch for. However, I especially remember this one incident. We went for Ice Age: Continental Drift. Towards the climax, when the villain lost, she gleamed with joy, started clapping and yelled out, YAY!!!! My other friend and I were left dumbfounded for a while. She saw us puzzled and laughing. “What?! You guys never clap when the hero wins or what? Come on ya! He lost! He lost! Yay!! And she went for an applause once again.
Such sheer innocence in a lady of such grace and stature is a rare find. When she walks in, her presence will instantly brighten up your day with just the right amount of zeal and freshness. And yes, that darling smile will too.
I always told her that I would write about her, but could never do so. Today, she left to reside in a distant part of my city and the words suddenly arrived with her departure.
An ardent dog-lover, active sportswoman, high on SRK, a bookworm, goes nuts about babies and kids, an adorable friend, trips on flat surfaces without fail, and a stiff competition for Monica in OCD. These are just a few of the distinct traits to name that you’ll never forget about her. To sum it up, Shudu or Sudarshana, as the world knows her, is just like instant coffee ‑ quick, warm, and refreshing.
When some people come in your life, they impact it in just the right way. Being an only child, I never missed having siblings. I still don’t. However, for me, she’ll always be the darling elder sister I never had.
Love you.


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