A tale of a Monday

A tiny rope hangs around his neck, one end of which is tied to a tree. He lays unperturbed on the floor with his brother lying beside him. The city has woken up. People are gearing up with their schedules, the sun has made his presence felt, and the air is filled with a cacophony of noises. But that doesn’t deter him. It’s not wake-up time yet. There’s still time.

She alights from the bus and starts walking towards the pavement. The heat seems to have taken a toll on her already. She wipes the sweat off her face and takes a glance at her surroundings. All she notices is people running from one place to another. The buildings are still but the people aren’t. Everyone seems to be in a rush to get somewhere. She joins the bandwagon and heads towards her destination. She passes by him and is bemused at his carefree life.

His little tail curled up around his hind legs and his nose dipped in between them, he peacefully sleeps, unaware of her as she looks at him. She smiles and heads away. Her day has begun. She reaches her destination and gets started with the to-do list for the rest of her day.

His brother kicks him, knocks him out off his sleep, and wakes him up. And the day has finally begun for him. After a huge yawn and few bouts of stretching, he wakes up. He tries to play around with the noose for a while wondering whether his friend will come and release it for him. And just as he thinks of this, the boy arrives with biscuits for him.
She feels a desperate need for a dose of caffeine. But the planner has her occupied, and she postpones the thought. She checks her mail, answers queries, and solves the doubts of her subordinates. Her phone beeps. A birthday reminder flashes. She excuses herself to make a call and heads out towards the canteen.

He’s happy. His friend did not come alone with food today; he got his friends along too. They love him and his brother. It’s a riot today! A ball, food, mud, sweat, friends—everything and everyone is present. This is how each day should be he thinks and leaps to catch the ball that is flung towards him.

She filled her roster and rechecked her to-do list. Meeting with the manager, answering client queries, filing her leave application, assessing tests, and training the newbie; all were done as per schedule. The phone beeped again, but she didn’t check it this time. She packed her stuff and left.

As she passed through the pavement, she saw him again. He was happily jumping and yelping around. The noose was nowhere to be seen. A smile erupted on her face. Such a happy and blessed creature, she thought. He still didn’t see her admiring him and started rolling in the mud with his brother. 

And that’s how her Monday ended. 

Photo Credits:Tiffany Moss



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