Joining the bandwagon

“The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something.”   -Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

   After months of speculation, contemplation and introspection or should i say laziness, procrastination and boredom, it has finally arrived.And that's My blog.Yes, i finally have a blog. Although you may already find people achieving their niche and expertise in this area, for me its more so of a New Year resolution that has finally found its calling.

  Now comes the real aspect of blogging and the initial glitches :-
  1. Choosing your desired URL,template and the most important (for me atleast) Name/Title
  2. What will be your first post?
  3. What all to include and what all to exclude?
So, the outcome of these glitches is what you are currently viewing and this is what i  came up with..Firstly, the URL - i took a good deal of time and patience (for the names i couldn't register) and landed up with "bluh-blah-blog". The only reason to choose this was it sounded quirky, conveyed my state of mind and was instantly accepted too (thanks 'blogspot' profusely).bluh is a slang term for buddy, blah - needless to define and i wanted it to have the word blog..and Voila! my blog's URL is framed.Also, its fun when you say the name all at once.Go ahead, do so! The title to my blog was actually supposed to the URL but again, thanks to Blogger, i had change of plans.

 Then comes 'the post'. Amidst various things i could/should write about, i chose my first blog to be a dedication to the aspect and elements of blogging's a new thing for me and i felt it should receive its due at the outset. I was really intrigued by the simplicity and variety the server had to offer.All you need to have is an e-mail id and a plethora of options spring up your screen about what templates to choose,how do you wish to format, gain publicity, earn money, garner comments.You name it, they have it.
P.S. - Another reason why establishing your blog takes time.The whole setup leaves you so spoilt for choice, the delay is inevitable and you feel hmm okay.. nevermind lets try some day else.

  The final aspect as to what and how much should be the content is really tricky.Two main reasons why blogs came into existence; one, your desire to pen or script to the best of your ability/voice out your take on things is fulfilled and projected through the most dynamic source - the internet.second, you don't have to wait for an audience or opportunity  to get write stuff and automatically views, opinions, suggestions, criticisms are generated. Its customised for that.So you don't have to ask people or depend on word of mouth publicity for your ability/viewpoint to get noticed.Your work speaks for itself and viewers too are more than happy to help .:)

So it all zeroes down to one thing.What do you wish to write.You think humour always strikes a cord so lets pen down something funny.but aint as easy as it sounds.So you jump to self-learned experiences - the most interesting topic as story telling is always a hit with people and has been for generations. that's how we have evolved to be good listeners and also we are always curious to know what's new with someone else's life ? ;)
But you wish to be different and  leave your mark, so you'll choose probably the hottest issue on the block,say a crime committed  which denied justice to the innocent,a crisis situation which a section of  the society encountered but melted your heart etc. 

The point is no matter what you write, its all an expression of your bent of mind at the given point of time and flows out through your writing.And that's  precisely why bloggers are here for and i am a newbie just  joining the club.Tad too late but never say never!

P.S. I am done with my first post and you have reached the end of it. Keep looking out for more stuff in days to come as my blog journey has just begun ...


  1. What a thoughtful first blog ... That's what I call "Thinking Out Loud"

  2. Thank you Dada! means a lot :)

  3. nice start!! hope to see a lots of interesting reads from u... all d best!! :)

  4. yup harit, i hope the same too.. thank you :)

  5. Good, Mera chayaa dikh raha!

  6. Hahahaha bhai!! yeh to hona hi tha ;)


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