There I sat by the window
Sipping down a hot cup of tea,
And I so got lost in its taste
It brought back me a whole lot of memories.
Memories are those that we all have been through
Some good, some old, some bad ,some new
Yet every moment is carefully sewed;
To display life with a whole lot of view.
Those talks with pals bout everything under the sky!
That cricket match which earned your country the glory,
The tears that rolled when a loved one left by..
You know behind every memory there’s always a hidden story.
I sighed and smiled for all that I had known,
Of those various things learnt and habits grown
Just to realize that my tea turned cold,
Coz with each memory I have turned experienced & a little old.


  1. thank you saru! Keep looking out for more :)

  2. lovely lines...beautifully crafted words!


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