Conversations with mum #1

I walked into my room. All of a sudden, it caught my attention. I went back, paused for a moment, and it was there. I peered in closer to make sure if it really was what I saw. She passed by the room and saw me staring into the mirror.

“What’s wrong”? Mum asked.

“Grey hair, Ma. I have got so many of them.” I said.

“Oh! Okay.” She remarked. (Her daughter’s worry over grey hair didn’t even surprise her for a moment).

“Ma, I have grey hair. I am just twenty-three”! Twenty-three and so many strands are grey already!

“Chill, it is okay. Having grey hair is not a big achievement. This had to happen. Out of the 23 years, you have spent 13 years of life just sleeping anyway. If you didn't get grey hair despite having slept for 13 years then you should worry.”
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  1. Your Mom sure has a good sense of humor :)

  2. Moms...i think they are critical of us so that we grow stronger by the time we grow up and get married. Because after getting married, no matter what you do, appreciation is a far-fetched dream....

    1. May be that's life's law or may be that's in-laws

      *Foot in mouth* ;) :P


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