Jaago re

Waking up, now that September has ended. And already a week of October has passed. So what did the slumber lead us to? Well, let’s take a check and see.

#1 It has been raining and raining and raining. So, September or not, but you pretty much have got used to getting drenched at the drop of a hat by now. A personal request to Rain God, “Dude, seriously, you gotta stop now”!

#2 He came, he saw, he conquered. To Lord Ganesha; Ganpati baappa moraya, Pudchyavarshi lavkar ya (Hail the Elephant God, come soon the next year).

#3 Be barfi—Original or not, the movie has managed to make you feel light and smile again for the little moments, joys, and lessons in life.

#4 A quaint satyagraha in water occurred in a little village in the country.

#5 A string of reality shows are on the Idiot box to keep you entertained for the coming months. Take your pick; there are numerous options to choose from.

#6 iPhone 5 is here. Not that you did not know but yes, Apple inc. finally unfolded the suspense with a longer screen, slimmer body, and earpods (whatever they prefer to call earphones).

#7 Gangnam style has sabotaged all records. Admit it that your curiosity has had a hand in helping Psy achieve this feat.

#8 You caught yourself again amidst a news that read “the face of Aishwarya’s child has finally been revealed.”

#9 Football and cricket are back in action. Time to put up the MEN AT WORK sign again. Even a DO NOT DISTURB or  I AM BUSY AND YOU MAY BE INTERRUPTING will do the needful I hope.

#10 WOW has provided you one more reason to get the relaxing author out of the comfy closet and be alive and kicking at your blog.

So far so good. Let’s see what more stories do the days to come entail.

 Have a great day!

 Photo credits: memecenter.com

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. I really loved this post....Its one of the best that I read from the WOW theme so far. Simple, crisp and yes, very much inclusive.

  2. Ekta! You have been my most consistent reader. Thanks again.

  3. I think WOW is also good because there is no lucrative prize you never seem to win; and you can write if you are in the mood to, just for the sake of writing. I participated last week, and skipped this one.


  4. Yes, Anupama. It makes things easier since a theme is presented. Unless you have a compulsive instinct to write up regularly, the initiative has come as a rescue for a bunch of laid back souls like me ;)


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