If I had the power to change..

She pierced his chest with her trident and the demon was put to rest. When Mahishasura was undefeated by men of any species, the Gods headed to Maa Durga to save them from his atrocities and protect the Universe. Legends, epics, and stories have all glorified her for demolishing demons and wiping out evil from its existence. If I had the power to change something, I would change the scheme of evil influences that exist in the society and curb them just as she did.
Everyday, countless incidents occur, that leave us either feeling disgusted or relieved. I would not point out any one in specific. We are aware of each one of them. However, most of us cannot or do not act at these crucial times, whatsoever the reason may be. I pray she gives every soul the sense and courage to fight against evils of all kinds: the ones that live within us and the ones that surround us, and that we emerge victorious in our deeds.
May she invoke this feeling and bless each one of us.

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  1. We are bound by the Law of the Land! Unfortunately, the law-enforcing machinery has crumbled to pieces. I was expecting a lot form Mamata Didi though.

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    1. Thank you Indrani and welcome to the blog :)


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